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Back home Nov. 30th, 2010 @ 01:21 pm
 I'm back in florida from NYC. The city amazes me every time I visit, and now I realize more than ever that it's where I want to be.
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In this age of grand illusion Nov. 18th, 2010 @ 12:05 am
Haven't updated this in three years, hey livejournal wassap. I'm studying for a my analytical methods exam, and in my break I decided to reread my LJ.

Wow. I can't believe I used to type like that. It's odd reading things that I wrote years ago, it's almost like it wasn't me that wrote it.  I'm not sure how many people still read this (hello? anyone?). 

I'm going to NYC again in one week.. I feel like I'm going back home.
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Floating. Sep. 29th, 2007 @ 11:11 pm
I = beyond happy.
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Being a Space Runaway. Jul. 29th, 2007 @ 10:08 pm
    Hay guys, writing on this again. As I was cruising through myspace for whatever reason I was doing that, the sudden urge overcame me to post in the eljay. Life has been good so far, with a lot of ups and not so many downs. It strikes me that summer is coming to an end. But I have to say, this has probably been the best summer of my life. Except mayhaps the summer after kindergarden, I first watched the star wars trilogy then and went to Disney World. But nah, this summer has had a lot of experiences, good and bad, and I think it's one I'll remember for a long time.

    As I type this I'm listening to the Ideon soundtrack, which I've been doing all day. Something about 80's super robot anime that always grabs me. But yeah, I can't say that I've "wasted" the summer away, because I really haven't. And in a way, I look forward to going back to school. It's like one of the final chapters in our book, and the next book will be college and then the rest of our lives yay. So yes senior year, I remember back when I was in like third grade, and I thought "wow, nine more years of this" and whoas, here we are at the end. Funny how time works, I can still recall my third grade classroom, the kids in it, and everything about it. In a way I'm sad that this is the end of our time together, because the people I've grown so accustomed to seeing every day for the past three years, won't be there every day after this year. But so is life, and it's not like those people will die or anything, they just won't be around as much. Yay for optimism.

    Lala, yes so, I finally beat Shadow Hearts today, woo. I've found that compared to my last two summers, I haven't gamed the way I used to back then. Twelve hour marathons every day, nah don't do that anymore. Except this past week that's all I did. I need more rhythm games, if you guys can find me any I'd appreciate it.

    So those spanish guys have been coming over since like, wednesday to fix up Gio's room. So far they've redone all the walls, stripped the carpet, and have painted the walls this... pinkishbrown colour that Tavo picked. Personally, I don't like it all that much, but Tavo seems to like it. So all's that left really is for them to put the tile in (which they're doing tomorrow morning), and then I guess tavo can start moving all his stuff in there. Then they're going to repaint Tavo's old room the blue colour that Ivan wants, and then he can move his crap in there. And then it'll just be me redecorating my room, and I'll finally have it all to myself.

    Funny that it isn't really until my last year at home that I get my own room. I've decided that I'm going to UF for college guys, woo. As David has repeatedly said "it makes too much sense not to go there". It may not be out of state, but at this point in my life, going out of state.. isn't really something I want anymore. I know that it was something that I had really wanted since sixth grade and all that, but just like my parents said, the idea would leave me by the time I actually had to choose a school to go to. I don't want to admit that they were right, because ever since then they've told me "you won't go out of state, you'll change your mind before you go", and I'd always tell them something along the lines of "yeah well, this is something I've had my mind set on for years, it's not changing". And lo and behold, now I really, really don't want to leave at all.

    Sam was asking me the other day why I changed my mind, and I didn't really know what to say to her. After thinking it over, I realized that I only really wanted to leave Florida for the sole reason that I didn't really have any friends back then. I didn't know anyone, I didn't care about anyone. The only reason I wanted to leave was because I thought that if I left somewhere else, somewhere far away, I could meet new people and erase my then-known persona of "the quiet short kid who doesn't talk ever". But as time has gone on, I've found friends and people I like here, and even moreso I have Kat now, and I don't feel the burning desire to leave anymore. Sure Florida is still hot and has sucky weather, but that's just the way it is. In a way, I think of it as an almost coming of age type story, wherein the main character (relating back to the whole last chapters thing being Senior year) has found his true self, and is at peace with who he is or something.

And lawl@you crying, I knew you would!
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Ahead on our way. Jul. 6th, 2007 @ 09:33 pm
Woo journaling, it's been far too long since I've last updated. Lessee, what's been going on in life...

Well summer is just about halfway over, once we've made it to July this means that all of June is over, and what remains is only July, and about half of August. And that means it's time for senior responsibilities, like applying to colleges and scholarships and all that crap, woo. I think I've decided on going to UF for now, or at least that's where I currently envision myself getting ready to go to in a years time. And I have to refresh my 1984 knowledge, I read the book two years ago and figured I didn't have to reread it again. And I have to do the outline for my extended essay, and fix any world lit stuff that Shunn doesn't think is good enough. Ahh, but none of that really matters right right now. What matters now is that one lives for the moment and the day.

I spent the day at Kat's today, it was boatloads of fun. Though nothing that we wanted to do was actually accomplished, such as watching ep 12 of Densha or anything like that, we enjoyed ourselves. Though time seemed to go swooshing by. Tomorrow we're heading out to Morikami and enjoying the day there together. Woo for Tanabata being on July 7th.

Afterwards I stopped by ye olde Best Buy and picked up the Final Fantasy I remake. I have to say, playing the game again after all this time, it still hasn't lost the charm that it had when I first played it. Something about playing the original FF, but with it looking really, really nice is.. relaxing. As I sit here typing, I'm simultaneously leveling up my characters. Maybe it's not something that's needed anymore, but I always like to powerlevel for a bit before progressing to whatever area I have to go to next. My old gamer habits die hard :p

Oh ya, and so I got a 2 on my IB SL math exam. I mean, it's not terribly low, it could be worse. I mean, it could have been a one. Yeah I'm hoping that like, the internals will bring the number up, because um, a 2 is kinda low. Though I guess I deserve it, seeing as we never really had a math class for more than half the year last year. And our class (sixth hour woo) did kinda blow off any work that she gave us. But alas, we had fun times there, and for that we get rewarded with pretty much no knowledge of calculus and a low exam grade.

Teehee, I named my White Mage Shodan. Cookies to whoever gets the name reference :

Strange, Ivan made cookies. I usually devour them, but tonight I don't really want to. Maybe I ate something today that killed my appetite, I dunno. Lalala, I know I brought it up already but I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I've never been there, so it should be fun and exciting I think. I don't think orange is a good colour for walls, maybe a subdued one but bright orange would make one want to kill a man. And guys, never watch The Wizard twice in a row, it's not worth the time. I wish this chair wasn't so close to my bed, it makes it hard to get up out of it.  I think the name "Guy" is awesome. Why are the batteries on my DS constantly dying?

And why are oranges so hard to come by.

Have fun guys : >

Edit!: Guys I totally just connected my computer to my surround sound. Awesoooome.
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Other entries
» Star of Tears
So I said I was going to write an entry, but never did. Whoops, see that's why I have trouble with eljay and other things, I just can't stay committed to writing in them or updating frequently and the like. Ah well, it's Memorial Day, the library is closed, there are three days of school left, and I'm just going to relax.

So developments developments, since this journal is something I want to look back at some day, I guess I'd better write everything that comes to mind right now. My life is... different now than what it used to be say, two years ago. I'd like to say that I've become a lot more social than I used to be. I'm no longer that kid in the back of the class that sits there awkwardly in silence, reading books or pretending to be enthralled by something while not paying attention to anyone. I'm now... someone. I really do feel like I belong to a group now, like I've got people that are worthy of being called friends. And I've probably written about this before, but I think it needs to be reiterated.

The next thing I really want to talk about is Katrina. I can't really explain how it happened, or why, but it just did. And I can't say that I've been happier in my life. I really don't want to get too gushy and stuff here, because I'm sure you people don't want to read about that. But like, life just feels so.. different with her around. It's like there's a reason that I have to go to school every day (though come Thursday I'll be free, woo!). And there's a lot of comfort in knowing that there's someone out there who can reciprocate these.. intense feelings of love I suppose. I don't know, it's hard to describe it. But it's something that keeps me going, to see her and talk to her every day. I really couldn't be happier now. So I guess what I'd like to say is that I love her very much. Love. Strange word for me to use again, but it's there, I know it is. This is why life is good, and it's one of those things where, sure I failed my Chem final and things might seem bleak, but in the end that seems trivial when she's there. Ahh, my gushing about Kat, how strange to do it here in a public setting.

Leah's party was fun, barring the fact that my toga fell apart and became more of a... towel/cape thingy. Lots of jokes were made, which was awesome. And that lake was really pretty, if I lived there I'd like, spend my entire time outside or something. The film was nice, one I had wanted to watch for a while, so that was good. And then the rest of the night was just as good and fun.

What now... I'm sitting here not wanting to get up from bed. I kinda woke up and then started typing this. If I go outside, I have to shower, eat, and do all those things. If I stay here I can... sleep, and play games. I wonder which one sounds more fun. I'm listening to the Xenogears Creid soundtrack, and man, I love this. They're like, celtic remixes of some tracks from the OST, done by Mitsuda himself. I wish I could own the actual CD. I mean yes, I pirate music all the time, and I like doing it. But I have this thing where like, if it's a soundtrack or CD that I really like, I want to own a physical copy of it. I want to be able to hold it or put it in my collection or something to say that I liked it so much that I bought it. Or something like that, it's just the way I've always viewed things.

Ouendan 2 is incredibly fun to play. DS Lites are awesome and I think everyone should own one. My fan is weird, it has to be on the High setting for it tto even be cold in here, what's up with that? Ivan got new shoes the other day that I'm jealous about, 'cause they're awesome. Abel got a Wii, I need to exchange friend codes with him, as well as my gamertag. That Star Wars thing is on tonight on the History Channel. My Calc and Psych finals are tomorrow. I want to do something outside sometime, which is weird because I never want to go outside, but now I really do. I think I'm out of things to write about o noes. I need breakfast, or would it be lunch now? I'll try to write again sometime soon.
» Dream Shore.
Living life as a happy person is like, fun. I'm going to update later, I think an entry of epic proportions, about how life is going. But right now I have to finish this work so I can sleep.
» HeyHey. This is Mauricios LJ ergo he wrote this.
Hey everyone must Mauricio Xavier Molina here to say Ahh skeet skeet, I love ian and Hate Katrina like a bee hates honey.  I don't like anime either especially not the end of evangelion. FWIP. I want to be just like you Ian FWIP. Um Yeah One by Metalllica great song. Um Marc Anthony grreat singer. Roy loves Noha. Yep. Ivan loves toys FWIP. So the IB king is fun to draw and i cant wait til midnight!
    So yes Mudvayne and the RHCP rock. Yankees are awesome go Jaguars.
Ahhh you got me, FWIP.
Im not Mau. FWIP. Im ian. FWIP FWIP.
So yeah as any semi concious person has realized this is The Honorable Senor David Orlando Allende VI. Minus the VI.
But the whole roy- noha thing. no lie he loves her black shawl.
So oonly 2 weeks left of school we are almost seniors 08! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
Don't Stop Believing is a great song. Phew. So yep just David here. If you are still reading this i am quite shocked.
QUITE. Shcoked indeed.
Yeah do our history project is definately 200% done.
I think ill go play baseball tommorow who's in?
Commander Khan sux.
So yeah.
Glad this year is over, been a very interesting one. A lot of changes, none bad i suppose. Oh wait i forgot LJ is supposed to be emo. I hate life my parents dont love me im a teenage emotion case fuck shit damnit to hell fuck shit. *cuts himself* EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO
yeah well still reading?
GOD DAMN what do i have to do to get you to stop reading?
Stop Typing? As if.

So yes uhm. I have nothing else to say here. So uh yeah Death to America go yankees anime sux.

Yeah man such a great last few weeks. too bad my mind has uterly exploded. It will fun picing up the pieces again. Or else ..ewwww
I need to get outta here.. or else.... AHH SKEET SKEET

EDIT: Yes, you can tell by the large amount of grammatical/spelling errors that that was indeed David writing all that. It has been left in tact and unedited, for the sake of preserving memories. I promise my next entry will be more... pleasant.
» Memories of Green
So as I write this, I am currently experiencing my second day of being seventeen years old. I think that it may be easy to say that yesterday was perhaps one of the greatest birthdays that I've had well... ever.

» I need a miracle.
Haven't posted in a while, and don't feel like doing this chem, so time to write something.

It seems like these days are passing by at an almost breakneck speed. It literally feels like I wake up, go to school, and the next thing I know I'm off to bed to repeat the same thing. I suppose in a way, this is good, because the school year feels like it's going to end pretty soon, and it will actually. We have like what, maybe five weeks left? Four if you don't count finals week. It's all winding down, another year, and then I'll be a senior and... well, I don't want to think about that right now.

Tomorrow's an early release day, this brings good tidings to me. Oh and that IB pin ceremony is tomorrow... I'm still not sure if I'm going to go. On the one hand, I really don't want to, and on the other well.. I guess I probably should. After all this is the only year that us juniors get to go. But i'd have to get dressed up and go to school and..  I dunno, it's not really something I want to do. Well we'll see, tomorrow by this time I'll have had to have decided.

Lala, listening to the Silent Hill 3 OST, putting off the chem. Funny that I've done one problem in one hour. I need to motivate myself again. It feels like I've lost any form of it, since the year is so close to ending. I just... don't f eel like putting any real effort into anything anymore. It was kind of a wake up call today in Calc when we got that practice IB test, I realized that I've truly forgotten everything, and this luxurious lifestyle of not doing anything in class seems to be catching up with me now. The test is in like two weeks, and I'm underprepared. Guess it's time to hit the books or something. That cota show thing is friday. I have a feeling I'll end up going alone, eep, how awkward and frightful. But it should be enjoyable I suppose. I should buy my ticket tomorrow or something. Woo for saving a... dollar?

I would talk about televisions, but for fear of being lashed out on, I won't. Suffice to say that life is pretty. Oh that reminds me that in a week I turn.. seventeen. I  think i've written about that before, but I can't remember. And I don't want to. I like to not look back at my previous entries, I just don't like reading what I typed before. Because I look back and I feel embarrassment and something else which I can't describe. Funny huh, that that's the whole reason I write these entries, so that one day I can look back on them, yet I can't bring myself to do that now.

Well, time for more chem I guess.
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